Every night, shelter dogs who have been rescued together sleep side by side

Romeo and Damian are pit bulls who were rescued together when they were five years old.When the Nassau County SPCA discovered the puppies, they were malnourished, dehydrated, and losing weight, and their ribs, spine, and hips were visible.They were immediately transferred to a nearby veterinary clinic to begin receiving care that they had clearly never received before.

The vets examined the dogs and discovered that, in addition to the other problems, Romeo had a metal foreign body in his stomach.Both dogs have a long road to recovery, but the abuse and neglect they endured did not break their spirit…

Both Romeo and Damian require human contact and have fallen in love with anyone who can assist them in healing.Maria Mora, executive director of the Nassau County SPCA, told The Dodo, “They are both really lovely.”
“Their specialty is kissing.They will, however, need some training to improve their demeanor.”

Romeo and Damian have a really close relationship and appear to console each other as they recuperate and wait for their perfect forever homes to find them.When Romeo and Damian sleep, they are constantly touching and snuggling up close to each other…… and it is the cutest thing ever.”They will be available for adoption once they have been medically certified, which we expect to happen soon,” Mora added.

Romeo and Damian have been through a lot, but with the rescuers’ mutual aid and affection, they are eager to continue on and seize their second chance.