Even Though Brodie Got His Face Disfigured and Partially Blind As A Baby By His Mother, Today He’s Trained To Become A Therapy Dog

Brodie is a unique dog.At the tender age of 13 days, the German shepherd and border collie mix bravely survived an attack by his own mother.However, the attack left the puppy partially blind and permanently disfigured.Brodie now resembles a Picasso masterpiece, but he’s even cuter, making everyone fall in love with his big heart and strong spirit.

Brodie is now happily married to Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames, his new forever family.The dog is adored by almost everyone he meets and has 159K followers on Instagram.Brodie is also being trained to be a therapy dog.”One day, we hope to train him to be a therapy dog so he can help other people with disabilities,”Amanda said, assuring Brodie’s fans that he is as happy as ever.

Brodie was only 13 days old when his mother attacked him, causing severe cranial and facial injuries.As the puppy grew, his jaw fused together, disfiguring his face and causing partial blindness.After his first adoption, Brodie appeared to have found his forever family.However, his previous owner quickly returned the pup to Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, claiming that he was “too hyper.”

Fortunately, Brodie soon found a new forever family who don’t mind his odds and believe he was meant for them.

Brodie’s story moved millions of people, but his new forever family Amanda Richter, 30, and boyfriend Brad Ames, 23, were especially moved.After seeing the photo the pup online, they fell in love in an instant. They traveled to the shelter and adopt him on the same day, and since then, they’ve been inseparable.

He’s definitely hyper, but he’s also extremely intelligent.”His brain is fine, and he learns tricks in about 10 minutes, which tells me he’s a smart boy,” Amanda told Metro.And now, this adorable, brave pup is being trained to be a therapy dog, allowing him to assist anyone living with a disability.Before joining his forever family, Brodie was adopted by someone who returned him due to the pup’s boundless energy.

His mother is now training him to be a therapy dog, assisting people with disabilities and visible differences.He just needed patience and someone to be consistent,” Amanda explained, adding that Brodie is extremely talented and improves every week.