Dying Dog Found On Street Is Completely Transformed In Two Months

Animal Aid Unlimited, an Indian organization, discovered this sick dog.It had mange and had clearly not had any human contact in a long time.They took him to their shelter and tried to entice him with food, writes boredpanda.

“He was completely exhausted and inward.”Animal Aid Unlimited connected the dog to an IV and treated his infections, and his skin healed in ten days.
The true transformation, however, occurred in the weeks that followed.When we see the dog again two months later, he is happy and completely healed!This dog had mange and was severely malnourished and dehydrated.

He was found on the side of the road in Udaipur, India

At first, he was afraid of human touch.But with gentle care and treatment, he began to improve.

His skin had healed after two months of intensive treatment, and he was relieved.

Animal Aid Unlimited helped him get over his anxiety.

The end result: a healthy dog, eager to live life!

Source: boredpanda.com