Dogs Eat UPS’s Driver Lunch And They Apologize

Mailmen and dogs are stereotypically known as ‘rivals,’ but oftentimes, we find that isn’t true. Mailmen and dogs can form sweet, friendly relationships, and they can be excited to see each other. But sometimes, though, the rivalry is alive and well. Especially if food’s involved.Bear and Bull are two black labs who have been friends since they were little.

The two are practically inseparable, and they love to get together to cause chaos. They live with their owner, Carol Jordan, and they are quite the dynamic duo.

The three live together in Smithfield, Virginia. Carol adopted the two dogs together, but she had no idea they would be so troublesome! They are constantly getting into mischief. They love to drag down drainpipes and chew up doorjambs.They have a special love for destroying lawnmowers; they have already defeated 3 of these metallic beasts.Sure, it might be a nuisance to have the dogs destroying her property, but Carol doesn’t mind much. She understands the pups’ lively spirits, and she tries to go with the flow as much as possible. She forgives them whenever they cause a mess, which is quite often.

“They just can’t help themselves,” Carol told Happiest. “We never catch them in the act, we just see the destruction afterward.”It is totally fine when the dogs vandalize Carol’s property, but when they harass others – that is crossing the line. This owner has no patience for dogs who would misbehave around strangers, and she tries to make up for it when they do get into trouble. Bull and Bear’s most recent victim was a UPS worker who was delivering a package to Carol. The worker got out of her truck to bring the package to the entryway, but she left her door open. Fatal mistake.

The mischievous dogs immediately noticed the error and went charging toward the truck.They hopped inside and started sniffing around. They were absolutely elated to find the worker’s lunch sitting inside the truck.

They scarfed it down without a second thought, then they were on their way. Of course, when the worker returned to her truck she saw that her lunch had been stolen. Most people would have been mad, but this woman was just concerned about the dogs. She wrote a sweet letter to the owner expressing concern for the pups’ safety: