Dogs can recognize a bad person and there’s science to prove it.

Dogs can detect fear, but can they detect the truth?Your dog might be smarter than you give him credit for.Dogs, it turns out, are very good at picking up on human behavior.According to science.A team led by Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan conducted a study that discovered dogs can tell if you’re credible or not.

In the name of science, dogs were tricked in this study.Humans have known for a long time that pointing at an object causes a dog to run to it.This data was used by the researchers in their study.During the experiment, they pointed to a container containing hidden food.The dog did, indeed, run towards the container.They then pointed to an empty container.The dogs dashed towards it, only to discover that it was devoid of food.

When the researchers pointed to a food container for the third time, the dogs refused to go there.Based on previous experience, they knew the person pointing wasn’t trustworthy.The experiment involved 34 dogs, and every single dog refused to approach the container for the third time.This experiment either proves that dogs can detect deception or that dogs have significant trust issues.

In other words, if you lie to your dog, he will believe that your word is not trustworthy and will behave accordingly.”Dogs have more sophisticated social intelligence than we previously believed.”Takaoka was also surprised that dogs were quick when they “devalued the reliability of a human.”

According to John Bradshaw of the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, who was not involved in this study, the findings indicate that dogs prefer predictability.Dogs become nervous and stressed when their gestures are inconsistent.

The researchers intend to repeat the experiment with wolves instead of dogs because wolves are closely related to dogs.The goal isn’t to be bitten by wolves, but to observe the “profound effects of domestication” on dogs.