Dog With Broken Bones Shudders At Human Touch, But A Woman Begs For Her Trust

Eliza June, a dog, was thrown out on the road by her owners, which tragically resulted in her being hit by a car, writes ilovemydogsomuch.Eliza June was confused, shaking, and crying by the time a rescuer found her.While she survived the ordeal, the shelter struggled to deal with her psychological scars and labeled her as “very aggressive.”

Annie Morgan volunteered to take on the difficult task of fostering Eliza.The poor dog had a broken pelvis, a fractured hip, and a bruised lung, but it was her emotional wounds that caused her uncontrollable behavior.
Eliza had developed a terrifying aversion to human contact, and she would shudder at the sight of a leash or a collar.She took her time warming up to Annie during her early days in foster care.Eliza ran to a corner and closed her eyes, as if she expected Annie to hurt her.

Annie was horrified to witness Eliza’s hunched fear-dominant body language, but she became even more determined to repair the baby’s brokenness.This video gives a heartbreaking glimpse into how Eliza mends her shattered soul after finding refuge with Annie.

It’s difficult to believe those cuddly kisses and tail wags at the end of the video are coming from the same scared dog from the beginning!Eliza has not only grown into the sweetest little thing, but she has also managed to replace “foster” with “forever”!We are extremely proud of her and Annie!

Click the video below to watch the abused Eliza conquering her mounting trust issues and healing her bruised soul.