Dog who had turned to ‘stone’ loves when new mom wraps him in towel

This sweet dog now has a completely new life.A dog with mange is an unsightly sight.Mites cause mange, which is common in stray, abused, or neglected dogs.Mangey dogs are often hairless, have sores, and are covered in hard patches.Because of their appearance, dogs with mange are frequently described as having “stone” skin.

Crumb, a stray dog in South Africa, was one such dog.Sidewalk Specials is a South African dog rescue and mass sterilization unit based in De Doorns.Rachael of Sidewalk Specials shared that they received a report of a sick dog next door.However, it took them eight months of chasing the dog before they finally caught up with him.

In the video, a man assisting them in capturing the dog places a plastic bottle around Crumb’s neck.They were finally able to catch him after pinning him down.Rachael stated her determination to assist Crumb.”I caught you, and I will rescue you,” she was thinking at the time.

“He stopped fighting at that point.””We started feeding him and loving him,” Rachael explained to the Dodo.Crumb finally appeared settled and comfortable after being placed in a cage with a cozy dog bed.Crumb, despite being a stray, remained calm as the vet examined him.

He was dubbed “stone dog” by his peers.”It’s when the mange had grown so long that he appeared to be made of stone.””With the exception of that one strip of fur down his spine, which made him look like a little hyena, a little wild dog,” Rachael explained.Crumb was picked up by his foster parents immediately after leaving the vet.

They looked after him well and even dressed him up in silly costumes.They took him to the vet once a week to have his mange treated.They showered him with love and affection as well.He transformed into a completely different dog within a few days.

He enjoyed visiting the beach and playing in the sand.His fur began to improve as well.His foster parents, however, were returning to New York and were unable to keep Crumb.He met his new mom, Linda, at the beach after being in foster care for a month and a half.It was love at first sight for both of them.He didn’t know how to play or cuddle when she got him, she said.He did, however, learn how to play with her other dog, Willow.He soon felt completely at ease with Linda.Linda mentions that Crumb now has a little more pep in his step.

“I believe he believes he is the man.”He’s got this trot, like, look at me guys, I’m no longer a dump dog,” Linda explained.Crumb’s coat has greatly improved, and he loves to run and play, as evidenced by the video.Crumb has transformed from a scruffy stray to a cherished pet.Fortunately, he found people who truly cared about him and did not abandon him.Crumb’s story demonstrates how a little love and affection can have a profound effect on dogs who have never known them.Linda mentions that Crumb now has a little more pep in his step.

All we can hope is that all stray dogs are adopted by loving families.Please consider adopting a dog if you are thinking about getting one.You’ll save a dog’s life while also making a lifelong friend.Watch the video below to see how Crumb goes from stray dog to beloved pet!

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