Dog was videotaped begging his owner not to abandon him, and now he can’t stop wagging his tail

Everyone’s hearts were broken by this scene, but now that Snoop has been adopted, he can’t stop smiling.Raising pets entails treating them as if they were family members, if not more.I’m still perplexed as to why some dog owners abandon their pets without mercy!

A person abandons his dog, Snoop, on a street in the United Kingdom, as seen by a CCTV camera in the video below.The RSPCA, which helps animals in Wales and England, has no idea who the perpetrator is.

A kind Samaritan discovered the dog napping by the side of the road in his dog bed.He was taken to the vet, who contacted the RSPCA, which was looking for a new home for Snoop.His new owner, Laurence Squire, who adores him, will spend his days with him.
What a happy ending!

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