Dog Walks Up To School Everyday So People Will Pet Her!

Later all the pressure from school, those leaving classes would likely truly like having a shaggy companion to snuggle and pet.

Fortunately for the understudies in this school in County Cavan, Ireland, they get precisely that!

This canine stands by the school pretty frequently at excusal time and holds up at the divider outside.

As children spill out of the school, she joyfully sits pleased and gathers as many congratulatory gestures and ear scratches as she can!Once she’s had her fill, she leaves and returns home. A little while after this pup’s story went viral, we found out that the pup’s name is Lucky, and that she was adopted as a stray but has always loved and appreciated affection and cuddles.

She’s a real blessing to the school, and despite all the love she gets from her family at home, she just can’t resist making new friends every day! Another story in video: