Dog Walking By Man On Bench Suddenly Realizes She Knows Him

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason: they are sociable animals that never forget a friendly face, no matter how long it has passed.Rave, the adorable poodle in our story, is no exception.She never fails to greet a friend, even if she hasn’t seen them in months.

Kim Carino, the poodle’s human owner, decided to train her dog some time ago.One of Kim’s brother’s friends with dog training experience volunteered to assist the poodle and teach her to be her best self.This trainer evolved into more than just a teacher to this doggo over time.They met on a weekly basis for training sessions and it was apparent that Rave adored him.

The training took place in a nearby park and lasted the entire summer.Rave never forgot the man who trained her, even though she eventually passed her training.This man was like a friend to the poodle, someone close to her heart.Kim decided to meet her brother’s friend in the park 10 months later in the hopes of surprising Rave.To make matters more interesting, the friend decided to sit quietly on a bench to see if the dog could recognize him.

The video evidence of this encounter proves Rave remembered her trainer after all this time.Kim assumed Rave would recognize her brother’s friend because the doggo was very smart, and the human was proven correct.Witnessing Rave’s reaction to seeing her trainer after such a long time warmed Kim’s heart and demonstrated how special Rave was.

The poodle was clearly overjoyed.Following this positive reaction, the two humans decided to continue these meetings in the hopes of preserving the trainer and poodle’s beautiful friendship.Rave, after all, deserves to spend time with the person who taught her to be her best.Isn’t it true that dogs are such grateful and friendly creatures?They never forget those who have shown them kindness and love.

“Nine months after Raven came into my life, I tragically lost my brother, my only sibling,” Kim told WhatzViral.Raven has been my Angel on Earth, brightening every day and guiding me through my grief.”

Image Credit & More Info; rave_the_princess/instagram