Dog Sticks His Head Out Of His Mailbox Every Morning To Greet His Neighbors

Rigby is a happy, curious, and social pup who enjoys watching the neighborhood.People and their pets pass by the house Rigby shares with his family every day, and he is always eager to greet any passers-by.Fortunately, Rigby can “pop-out” for a quick hello.At the very least, he can show his cute little face through the house’s built-in mailbox.

Courtney Poole

Rigby has adored the mailbox since he was a puppy.The mailbox leads directly into the hallway, and when he was younger, he could fit his entire body inside.”[My husband] and I would pass him through the mailbox to each other,” Rigby’s mother, Courtney Poole, told The Dodo.

Courtney Poole

Rigby is now too big to fit his entire body through the slot, but he’s the perfect size and height for sticking his head out the opening.The entire neighborhood enjoys seeing his face poke through the mailbox, and many people stop to take in the amusing sight.The only person who hasn’t been overjoyed by Rigby’s peephole is the mailman, who was taken aback one day when he opened the mailbox to find Rigby staring back at him.

Given the old stereotype about dogs and mailmen, it’s no surprise he was scared, but thankfully, Rigby and the mailman have a perfectly amicable relationship these days.Rigby is spreading so much love and joy in his community, and we wish more mailboxes were filled with such adorable surprises!