Dog Seen Covered In Snow In An Open Vehicle Bed Driving Down The Road

Driving down the road, a dog is seen covered in snow in an open vehicle bed.On a snowy day in Denver, someone took a picture that has gone viral on social media and garnered a lot of criticism, and rightfully so in our opinion.A snow-covered dog sat in the back of a truck bed, tailgate down.Authorities claim that having a dog in the back of a truck with an unsecured tailgate is legal, but this case may be considered animal cruelty.

“The law is not clear on this, but the motorist could be cited for animal ruthlessness if there is sufficient evidence,” the Colorado State Patrol claimed in a statement.The wind chill, dog type, and appearance of the canine would all be taken into account.

While Malamutes are much more resistant to extreme cold than other breeds, the temperature at the time of the event was 16 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 0 degrees, putting the canine at risk of frostbite.And it definitely felt cooler than that in the back of a vehicle traveling at nearly 50 miles per hour.It’s unclear how long the canine was in the back of the truck, and also State Patrol says it’s ultimately a reasoning telephone call by cannon fodders or police officers to determine whether it is animal cruelty.