Dog Ruined Every Frame Of A Google Street View By Chasing After The Camera

Perhaps the most helpful invention that weve appreciated recently is getting the opportunity to utilize Google Maps and Google Street View.

Weve all read tales about a portion of the strange things that the Google Street View vehicles have figured out how to catch. In any case, this time? The Street View vehicle grabbed the eye of a cute youthful little dog in the ocean town of Kumage, Japan.

While the doggy doesnt mull over the locals and boats that she runs directly past, the Google Street View vehicle gets her attention.Who can fault her? The Google Street View vehicle looks pretty strange.

After all, its few out of every odd day that we see a vehicle with a turning camera on top .

If we see a Google Street View car driving down our streets, we can’t help but notice.

Clearly, she’s a young puppy, because she’s pretty excited to find out what happens next.Does curiosity kill the cat?

Not this time! This time, the puppy follows the Google Street View car all the way down the road.