Dog rescued from euthanasia gets adopted after 372 days in shelter

Nothing beats the moment a pet is adopted by an animal shelter, especially if they have been with them for a long time.When that day came for a dog named Major, who had spent a year in a shelter after being saved from euthanasia, it was a true cause for celebration.

Major and his brother Hilo were rescued from animal control in Quincy, Illinois, according to ABC Chicago.They were reportedly on the verge of being euthanized when they were rescued by the Naperville Area Humane Society.Both dogs struggled to find homes after being taken in by the shelter.After a year, no one was interested in adopting.

Major was described as playful, energetic, and treat-motivated by the humane society, but he should not be kept with small children, cats, or other dogs.Despite the odds, the shelter hoped Major could find a home somewhere.They even named a holiday after him, “Major’s Day,” to highlight their long-term shelter dogs in need of homes.

However, 372 days after Major entered the shelter, the Naperville Area Humane Society announced wonderful news: Major had been adopted!The video shows the shelter staff lining up outside to say goodbye to Major, and the sweet dog greets each of them individually.

Major is seen leaving the shelter with his new owner, who is reportedly a semi-truck driver, at the end of the video.Major climbs into the truck, embarking on a new adventure that will take him across the country.