Dog rescued a year ago still hugs his mom every day when she gets home

So cute never to big to have a hug love you mom! 💕🐾

This is very touching; I’m glad he was rescued; he now has a lot of love and hugs!

And he will hug her until the day he passes away.❤🐾🐶

Kylo, the rescue dog who is so grateful to have been rescued from a shelter that he wants to snuggle and hug his human mom the moment she walks into their home.

Sweers and her husband already had another dog, a little corgi named Nellie, so they decided to give Kylo a trial night to see if he and Nellie would get along.Kylo was driven four hours to his potential family’s home by a volunteer from the rescue, and from the moment he arrived.

Sweers stated, “As soon as they left, he crawled into my lap, tucked his head under my chin, and began chainsaw snoring.”My husband and I knew he was staying with us from that moment forward!Kylo fell in love with his new family almost immediately.🌹👋💖

Kylo only wants to be loved…!
He never misses a day of kissing and hugging his mother.Every night, he stands in front of the door, waiting for his beloved mother to return home.That is beautiful; unconditional love is what having a pet provides.

How precouis is that fur babie loves his mumma so much hugs are good. 👏🌹👋💖🥰

Thank you for rescuing him in the first place, and thank you for caring for him so well.And thank you to everyone who helps to rescue and adopt these helpless, loving, and deserving animals.He genuinely cares about you.❤️🤗

I adored my mother and gave her a big kiss.True love…❤️🥰❤️