Dog Mom Who Was Abandoned With Puppies Still Waited For Her Owner Days Later

Dogs are man’s best friend, but many people do not believe this.
Every day, every hour, there are so many dogs around us who are mistreated.
Some people in this world are heartless, and what they do can be truly breathtaking – but not in a good way.

Fortunately, there are still amazing people with golden hearts on this planet.
When Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac learned of a dog mama who had been abandoned with her newborn puppies, they immediately set out.

The little dog and her puppies appeared to have been abandoned ruthlessly on a roadside a few days before.
Some people tried to help, but the dog mama refused any food and even growled at them.
The dog was apparently still waiting for her owner, and only her owner.
Of course, things did not go as well as the poor dog had hoped.
She remained motionless for several days, but her owner never returned.

The situation had changed by the time the rescuers arrived.
The dog mom appeared to be depressed.
She accepted the rescuers’ assistance and even ate some food.
Perhaps she was aware that she had been abandoned for good.
Maybe she’d had enough of waiting.

“She was so depressed…
A young mother and her babies were abandoned beside the road, and she did not move for several days.
Her anguish broke our hearts.
Some people are so cruel,” Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter wrote on YouTube.

After feeding the mother, the rescuers continued their search and discovered three puppies whose eyes had yet to open.
Before leaving, the team dug around one more time to ensure that no more dogs were left behind.

Moli, the dog, and her puppies were safely transported to the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac facility, where they can now live peacefully and be loved.
Moli and her children will hopefully find a new home soon.


Please contact Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac if you want to help Moli and other dogs like her.
You can also contribute.

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