Dog Lays Down But 4 Other Dogs Block The Road To Protect

Dogs are often known as man’s best friend. They offer protection and loyalty while having fun at the same time. Sometimes, dogs tend to hang out in one area together. They run from one place to another, similar to what a group of friends would do when they enjoy time with each other.

A group of dogs was gathered together on a road in a town in China one afternoon. No one knew what they were doing until they saw something in the middle of the pack. Another dog had been hit by a car. The dog didn’t survive.

That didn’t keep the other four dogs who were there from leaving him. They were protecting another of their kind, keeping him from being hit again by another car. Some of the dogs tried to get the deceased one to move by nudging him. Once they saw that he wasn’t moving, they sat there in the middle of the road.

They are in a position in the video to where none of the cars can get around them. Dogs can become depressed, exhibiting some of the same symptoms that people show when they are depressed.

They can sometimes remain quiet while others tend to become dominant, especially if they are protecting something or someone. Aside from dogs, horses also show that they care for their kind as well. A group of ponies stood on the side of the road one morning, watching over another pony that was on the side of the road after getting hit.