Dog Has Been Saved From Fatal Burns, Couldn’t Handle It When Sees His Vet Again

When West Palm Beach Fire Rescue arrived at a fire, they were not expecting to find a dog in the midst of it.According to tpn, someone tied the poor dog, who had burns all over his body, to a tree.

Marcos Orozca, the brave firefighter who freed the dog, rushed the dog to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue.The dog was taken to JPESC, Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, which specializes in burns, by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue.

Smokey, the 2-year-old dog, would require bandages, medicated baths, blood transfusions, and a variety of other treatments.Dr. Latimer, the dog’s primary veterinarian, struck up a friendship with him.

Captain Gregg Gordon thankfully fostered him after he recovered until he found a forever home.The cutest part was when he saw Dr. Latimer, who had saved his life.He couldn’t deal with his happiness.

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