Dog Gets Pretend Insulin Shot In Solidarity With Friend

Diabetes is a medical condition that affects both people and dogs. Although diabetes cannot be cured, it can be managed with proper treatment, medicine, and following doctor’s orders. Millions of dogs are afflicted with diabetes, which occurs when the body loses its ability to regulate blood sugar.

Zara is one of the many dogs whose owner must give her insulin twice a day every single day. Her owner doesn’t mind, but he sometimes has to “fake” sharing the dosage with someone else. Every time 25-year-old Danielle Stephens’ dad comes to visit, his diabetic dog Zara comes along.

Danielle also has a dog, a beautiful Labrador Retriever named Penelope. Every time Danielle’s dad gets a dose of insulin out to inject his dog, Penelope hovers over and carefully watches the activity. After her shot, Zara gets a treat for being a very good girl. It wasn’t long before Penelope noticed that Zara gets a treat, and she wanted one too.

Penelope decided to watch and wait until Zara was done with her insulin injection. She then sits patiently as Danielle’s dad fakes giving her a shot followed by a treat.

Now every time the man visits with Zara, Penelope knows she will get a “fake dose.” The needle never goes into her skin, and the man simply pretends he is giving her a needle. In Penelope’s eyes, however, she is being a good girl, gets a shot, and then gets a food reward.