Dog Dragged Himself Away From A Pack Of Dead Dogs in the Hope of Being Rescued

When you decide to raise animals, you must be able to provide them with happy lives; if you are unable to do so, simply properly surrender them.
How can dog owners abandon their pets so callously?!

This story is about a poor innocent dog whose owner abandoned him in a pile of trash.
A rescuer came across the dog and took him to be treated for his wounds and injuries.

He was placed in a foster home, where he was completely transformed in a matter of weeks.
Alex, the puppy, is now happy and clean, and he has gained weight as well.
The coughing dog adores his foster mother and couldn’t stop wagging his tail when he saw her!
When she calls his name, he even coughs nicely!

The lovely boy then attends an adoption event, where he finally finds his forever family, who will provide him with the care and love he requires.
Alex, thankfully, will never experience pain again.