Dog Decides To Be The New Caretaker Of Disabled Calf After Meeting Her

The lovely cow named Cupcake was born with a disability that made her bend and unfortunately her legs were turned around. The hind legs were also twisted, but thank God they were fixed and straightened up. Genia Kay Meyer ended up taking Cupcake at five weeks old. Meyer and her husband named Tim became the cows’s guardian taking care and feeding the cow daily.

However, the story got even more inspiring because we should not forget that Cupcake also has a third caretaker, even though it’s not what you’d expect. The dog of Meyer named Bo started liking Cupcake and began to take care of her. The two have become inseparable and now Bo is by her side all day and night long. When Cupcake first arrived and started drinking from her bottle, Bo was licking all the milk from her face and combed her hair like her baby.

Supposed to be Tim’s new cattle dog, but each time Bo got inside the truck he got sick. Even though Bo may not have been a cattle dog, he certainly found his calling. Bo and Cupcake have created a special friendship together and they love to cuddle and play together. Bo seems to be so protective of Cupcake. Currently, Meyer is trying to raising money for an operation that seems it be questionable if it will work or not.

Her tendons can be cut and repaired, but the family has yet to speak to vets to find the best way to do it. Either way, Bo and Cupcake make the most of all the time they spend together, and their owners try to give Cupcake the best possible quality of life as long as she’s with them. Such a special friendship between a dog and cow. Have a look at the video and let us know your thoughts.