Dog Becomes Foster Mom To Nearly 100 Kittens After Losing Her Best Cat Friend

A rescue pit bull mix took on the role of surrogate mother for abandoned kittens after saying goodbye to her feline best friend.In the previous three years, she had produced approximately 100 kittens.Ella meets Zuca and her foster children!

Zuca was discovered pregnant and wandering the streets.She was taken in by Animal Control, and she gave birth to her puppies in a foster home.She was such a wonderful mother that she even provided for a few others via surrogacy.

After being weaned, all of the cubs went to their permanent homes, but Zuca had trouble finding hers.Five months later, Ronda came across Zuca’s picture on an adoption website and fell in love at first sight.

“When I first saw her, all the other dogs in their kennels were shaking, but she was sitting calmly and waggling her tail a little.”When I saw her, I burst into tears.

Zuca took some time to adjust to her new surroundings, but she had no problems with Ronda’s cats.Stout quickly became one of her closest friends after she grew fond of her feline companions.

“Until the day he died, Stout was Zuca’s doll.”We considered foster care again because Zuca was so unhappy.”

Monkey the kitten had been abandoned for about three years and was in desperate need of a mother.Zuca accepted him into her life the moment she met him.Monkey was Zuca’s first adopted child.