Dog barks repeatedly at outlet under desk then mom touches wall and realizes her family is in danger

Willow, a 10-month-old puppy, wasn’t at the front door to welcome mom when she got there like she usually did.Mom was puzzled as to why Willow was acting strangely, barking, and hiding under a desk when she searched the house for her.She tried to calm her down for an unknown reason, and that’s when she touched the wall and felt it.

10-month-old when it came to her family, Willow the Great Pyrenees has always been protective.Even though the adorable little dog is still a puppy, she already has a keen sense of danger and, despite occasionally acting a little crazy, is full of love and affection.

When Caitlin came home from the grocery store one day, she discovered that Willow was missing.When Caitlin returned home, the adorable little puppy usually rushed to meet her, so she knew something wasn’t right.The day before Thanksgiving, Caitlin discovered her boyfriend and their young son downstairs, but oddly, Willow wasn’t with them.

Caitlin finally located Willow huddled under the table after searching the entire house.Caitlin’s anxiety increased because the puppy wasn’t sitting there as usual.

Caitlin recalled that the dog “crawled under the table, got very tense, barked and didn’t want to come out.”When she tried to get our attention by acting aggressively, we finally noticed the exit.When Caitlin touched the wall next to the socket, she immediately felt how hot it was, but she couldn’t figure out why her puppy was acting so strangely.As it turned out, Willow detected the fire in the electrical socket under the table before it could spread.

All thanks to Willow, the family’s lives, as well as their house and all of their possessions, were saved.The situation could have turned out very badly if the canny puppy had not alerted the family to the fire.

Caitlin said, “She’s never done anything like this and we were in shock.She clings to me like a crazy person and usually alerts me if something is wrong. She always makes sure her human brother is safe.