Dog adopted by a coffee shop sits with customers every day, try to keep them company

She makes no requests for food or anything else.She simply sits and accompanies them, writing embouncements.

Camila, the cafe’s owner, named the dog Corchito after him.He is now in charge of accompanying clients who are alone or having a bad day.When surrounded by other people, some people do not always feel understood.Corchito is thus accessible to even the most isolated customers.

Corchito understands that sometimes all you need to feel better is a little love and support.This dog has the ability to detect when someone is having a bad day.Furthermore, her mere presence gives people the impression that their day has been meticulously planned.A long period of feeling an animal’s affection makes them feel better.

Camila Gallando owns Dickens, an Argentine Restobar that is primarily a café.She runs the family business, which is well-known in the neighborhood.Every day was the same, with no significant changes, until Corchito arrived and changed everything.

A dog keeps lonely people company in a café.

On a rainy day, Corchito is forced to seek refuge in Camila’s cafe, where she quickly falls in love with him.
amila liked how friendly the dog was, so she decided to make Dickens her new home, and this lovely property would become Corchito’s heaven on earth.

Camila had no idea how much attention Corchito was going to get.He settled in without incident, despite being particularly friendly with everyone.The most amazing part is that when someone entered Dickens and sat alone at a table, Corchito approached him and sat beside him without hesitation.

Many people believe the dog is begging for food or something, but the dog simply sits and walks alongside people.When other people speak to him, he appears to pay close attention to what they are saying.One of the customers recently lost her husband, with whom she used to come to the café and sit with Corchito, but now she comes alone, so the dog becomes even more important to her.

Corchito adores everyone who walks into his cafe, but he has a soft spot for the elderly, especially when they are down.The dog appears to have a sixth sense for detecting grief and thus approaches those who are most distressed.

Camila not only looks after Corchito, but she has also decided to provide a safe haven for the other stray dogs who arrive at the cafe late at night in need of a place to sleep.Corchito acknowledges the situation and expresses his support for them.Despite the fact that he is the café’s dog, he is always willing to assist other dogs or people.Corchito is without a doubt a shining example, and it is because of him that the residents of the region value coffee even more.