Doberman Dog Adopts Tiny Abandoned Kitten And Nurses Her Alongside Her Puppies

A cute story about a dog adopting a newborn kitten and nursing her alongside her pups recently went viral.The touching story touched everyone’s heart and even melted the hearts of stone.It demonstrates that a mother’s love knows no bounds and applies to all species.

Ruby is a Doberman Pinscher who lives in Geneseo, New York, with her owner Brittany Callan.She accepted and raised an abandoned newborn kitten as if she were her own pup just a week after giving birth to a litter of six puppies.

Callan discovered the kitten, Ramblin’ Rose, in the grass.When she saw the lost kitty, she remembered Ruby, who had just given birth to two puppies.She took the little blind baby home, hoping that when Ruby saw the helpless kitten, her maternal instincts would kick in.Thankfully, it worked.Rose was licked by Ruby as if she were her mother.

“She grew up with small animals [and learned] to be nice and just lick them and be friendly with everything,” Callan told Daily Paws.She’s just an extremely compassionate dog.”

Rose is now living with Ruby and her puppies.She adores her new puppy sibling or siblings.Ruby and her puppies adore the kitten.Ruby even carries her in her mouth around the house.They cuddle up to each other at night and sleep as a little family.