Do You Remember Abbey, The Dog From ‘I Am Legend’? She Is Now 13 And Still A Good Girl

Do you remember Sam, the dog who appeared alongside Will Smith in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi film I Am Legend?Ten years have passed since the film’s release, and the dog, whose real name is Abbey, is still doing well and lives with her family and trainer, Steve Berens.

“She’s older now, and she doesn’t hear much.But she’s still kicking, and she likes a ball and a bone,” Steve explained in a recent interview.”When you work with a lot of actors, they’re not that interested in the animal – a lot of actors see it as something the audience will be looking at instead of them.”

“But Will was not like that at all.He realized this was his co-star, and he really dug it and got into it.[…] I believe she liked him, which made a difference.”

Will Smith lost a dog in a car accident when he was a child, and he vowed to himself that he would never have another pet again because the pain was too much.But his on-set attraction to Abbey was so strong that he even asked her trainer if he could keep her.”I was pleading with him.I was like, please give me Abbey.Please, please, please give her to me.But, you know, she now has her own family, so it was just another one of those Hollywood romances.”

If you need to refresh your memory about the film, here are a couple of clips that show Will Smith and Abbey’s bond.