Destiny directs him to an injured dog who is too broken to face anyone but a wall

When a man named Calvin was driving home from work, he felt compelled to take a specific exit.
He had never taken that route before, but he quickly realized why he was there.
Off to the side, on the highway shoulder, was an injured dog by himself.
Calvin pulled over, and just as he was about to get out of his car, the cops arrived, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Calvin recognized this as a bad omen.
He wanted to assist the dog himself, but once Animal Control was involved, protocols had to be followed.
As the men in uniform approached him, the poor dog was terrified.
Despite his injuries, he attempted to flee.

After that, the poor dog was taken in and placed on a seven-day hold.
Animal Control had to wait to see if anyone claimed the dog.
Calvin was visibly distressed.
He realized the dog didn’t belong in a freezing kennel.
Especially given his severe injuries and overwhelming fear.
He just stood there staring at the wall, hoping to vanish.

Calvin contacted a friend named Kendahl, who had rescue experience, and she informed Calvin that taking this dog in would be difficult.
The dog had suffered serious injuries, and treating him would be prohibitively expensive.
The dog would have been euthanized at this point, but Calvin wouldn’t have it!
Calvin needed his leg amputated and decided to fundraise for his own surgery!
Kendahl was also delighted to assist.
They chose the name Ike for the dog.

Calvin and Kendahl were both concerned when Ike emerged from surgery.
Ike, for example, required extra attention.
His fear was crippling on its own.
Kendahl decided that Ike would be the best foster for her.
She had the opportunity to be by his bedside.
And that was exactly what Ike required.

Kendahl didn’t just spend time with Ike; she worked hard to prove to him that she would never hurt him.
It took some effort, but Ike began to change his mind.
Kendahl was finally ready to introduce Ike to her cat, Uno.
She was expecting some sniffs and possibly some tail wags.
What she didn’t expect was a life-changing bond to form between them!

Ike miraculously continued to improve, both physically and emotionally.
Kendahl realizes he’ll have to leave her and go to a forever home soon.
It breaks her heart, but she explains that if she doesn’t foster animals and help them adjust to their new lives, she won’t be able to continue.
While she wishes to keep Ike, she understands her calling, which is to do what so many others cannot.
Check out the video below to learn more about Ike and his incredible transformation!