Desperately Exhausted Dog With Jar On Head Laid Down & Started To Suffocate

A call was received by a rescue group about an injured stray wandering around a nearby area.This was not your typical phone call.To get off the streets, the stray dog didn’t just need to be rescued.He had to be rescued or he would perish.The stray was wearing a jar on his head, making eating and drinking impossible.The poor dog was struggling to breathe!

Rescuers attempted to capture the puppy, but he ran until he hid beneath a bridge and collapsed out of breath.The animal rescuers were forced to use a humane tranquilizer dart on the puppy.He fled after being shot by the dart, this time onto a busy street.Cars sped past, honking their horns.The rescuers pursued him.When the anesthesia kicked in, the tired dog collapsed and waited for assistance.

Finally, the dog was carefully picked up and the jar was removed from his head with a special tool.The dog was sedated and drowsy, but he managed to express his gratitude to his rescuers with some kisses.The dog was now in good hands and was loaded into their vehicle.They returned him to the animal shelter.He was overjoyed to have a proper meal and a glass of clean water.Adopters lined up to meet him after the rescue group shared his story on social media.Within a few days, he had found his forever home!

The subsequent story is about another dog in a similar situation.Stray animals are so desperate for food that getting their heads caught in a jar isn’t unusual.To say the least, it’s heartbreaking.For more than two weeks, this poor dog had been wandering around with his head trapped inside a plastic jug!

The rescue team had to chase him down after he repeatedly ran away from them.Fortunately, they were able to corner him in a large field.Knowing he had little energy left, he finally surrendered to the kind humans.They also used a special to get him out of the jar.He is now safe and returned to their shelter.We are so thankful that both dogs are safe!Scroll down to the video to see more.