Deaf Dog Finally Finds Loving Family After Being Returned To Shelter Three Times

If you’re looking for a happy and touching story to brighten and warm your day, we’ve got one for you.Maui, an Australian Shepard and Catahoula Leopard mix puppy, was born deaf and required someone patient to care for her.Despite her circumstances, she remains a sweet and affectionate dog who is loyal and devoted to those she loves.

She was then adopted by three different families, but after a short time, all of them decided they no longer wanted to care for her and returned her to the shelter.She was sad and confused every time Maui was returned.

Maui was thankfully adopted by a patient and loving family shortly after her first birthday.She has finally found her forever home and the adoring owner she deserves.Her new family even made an Instagram page for her to share her daily life with the rest of the world.

Her previous owners said she was “untrainable,” so her new owners decided to prove them wrong by posting a touching video of Maui on Instagram.”She is literally the cutest thing on the planet,” her new father said.Maui learned basic commands quickly using hand signals, but her father added, “We’re not perfect, but she’s perfect for me.”

The family considers themselves extremely fortunate to have Maui as a member of their extended family.She enjoys chewing on ice cubes, eating cookies, and snuggling.”She’s my best friend,” her father explained.

“Everyone says how good of people we are and how lucky Maui is to have a family who loves her,” they wrote in another post.We are, in my opinion, the fortunate ones.This lovely lady is one of the best things that has ever happened to our family.”

The heartwarming story will make you smile and shed a few happy tears.We are relieved to learn that Maui is living a happy life in a loving home.If you’re thinking about getting a pet, let’s go to a shelter and adopt some homeless animals.Adopt instead of shopping!