Dad Creates Stick Art Form For Dog Park

There are some ideas that humans have invented that are just TOO good to keep to ourselves. One of the best ideas? Borrowing something. Imagine if you had to own everything that you used – no thank you! Libraries may just be the best example of what it looks like to have an amazing borrowing system that benefits everyone.

How can we teach that to animals… I wonder…Obviously, dogs can’t read. Instead of books though, this man created a fully functional “Stick Library” for his canine friend! He documented the process on the internet and since then, the idea has gone viral.

It’s a truly sweet thing that people can’t seem to get enough of.Andrew Taylor is a 59-year-old toolmaker who decided to put his talents to special use.While he was trimming the trees near the side of his home in New Zealand, he decided that he wanted to do something different with the scrap. Instead of throwing it away, Andrew took it into his workshop and smoothed it all out, making the perfect sticks for a dog that wouldn’t splinter or release bark into their mouths

.Once he had all the sticks, he needed the perfect container. That’s where the “Stick Library” came in. Andrew made a box and engraved the description on the top.Filling it with sticks, he then brought it to his nearest dog park where he set it down and got it operational – the first regional Stick Library was active! It was a cute local act, but once his daughter posted photos, it really took off.Andrew never intended for his actions to inspire people all over, but once they went viral, people couldn’t help but try it out for themselves.His daughter Tayla shared photos of the process and posted them on social media. Soon, they had a sensation on their hands. Obviously, the dogs at the park loved it, with over 50 people showing up to celebrate the “grand opening” they had. What’s crazier is that people all over the world started building their own and posting the results on social media!