Cute little donkey desperately wants to be a clydesdale, has internet in stitches as he pleads his case

An old, but extremely adorable, commercial has recently regained popularity on social media.And it’s not difficult to see why.In it, a tiny donkey with big dreams melts everyone’s heart.Budweiser’s legendary Clydesdale horses have long been known in the farming and racing communities.To be more specific, since 1933, when the famous horse team was born to commemorate the repeal of prohibition.

As a result, the beautiful footage is all about love, hope, and perseverance.The video depicts the adorable donkey on his quest for happiness, which in his case means being a member of the epic team.Furthermore, the child can be seen working hard to overcome the odds and achieve his lifelong goal.The donkey tries everything to overcome his nature, from pulling beer in a pulley to getting hair extensions on his legs.

In the end, his perseverance pays off because he is given the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities.At the audition, he even gave a hilarious response.Of course, judging by the reactions of the audience, he speaks his native language.Nonetheless, he was successful, and he is now a member of the legendary Clydesdale team.

Even though it’s hilarious, the end of the video is also inspirational.Despite the fact that the commercial is quite old, its message is more relevant than ever.You should always keep hope and fight for your dreams, just like the little donkey.And never, ever, ever, ever give up!