Coast Guard crew comes to the rescue of ‘grateful’ dog who was trapped in icy water

It is possible to be “in the right place at the right time.”On New Year’s Eve, a dog with a distinctive black spot covering one eye got herself into a pickle.She got trapped on ice in the middle of a frozen river in Detroit, Michigan.Just when everything seemed lost, a Coast Guard boast appeared just in time!

The Coast Guard was on routine patrol when they came across the animal struggling to stay afloat in the icy water.While they don’t usually go on animal rescue missions, they decided to help the poor pup in her hour of need because they happened to be nearby.They rushed to devise a strategy and, in no time, began their perilous rescue mission to save this adorable dog.

Petty Officer Cole Harper put on a dry suit and crept across the thin ice toward the terrified animal.He wrapped his arms around the dog and held on tight as his team pulled them both back across the ice, towards the waiting boat.

“From what I heard, the dog was welcoming and grateful,” said Coast Guard spokesperson Ensign Adeeb Ahmad.”And quite content.”

Officers from the Coast Guard warmed up the dog before delivering her to Detroit Animal Care and Control.She’ll be evaluated by a veterinarian, scanned for a microchip, and possibly adopted if no one claims her.In fact, she might already have a place lined up!

“One of the crew members said he told his wife that if no one claimed the dog, he’d like to adopt it,” Ensign said.

We’re so glad the Coast Guard happened to be patrolling that section of the river that day!Let’s hope this is a sign that this dog’s fortunes are about to change drastically.