‘Broken’ Dog Thrown Away Like Trash Bravely Takes His First Steps

Lawson was a street dog on the outskirts of Istanbul when he was hit by a car and lost use of his back legs.The one-year-old dog began to starve after being forced to drag himself on the pavement in search of food, and his paralyzed back legs became increasingly damaged, writes heavenofanimals.

When He’art of Rescue saw Lawson, they knew they couldn’t let such a brave dog suffer.The rescue group prioritizes the rescue of handicapped and sickly strays because they are frequently the most unfortunate and neglected in Turkey.His legs are scabbed and cut from dragging himself along the ground for so long.His survival struggles are written all over his body.

Although Lawson’s spine is beyond repair he is relearning how to walk with a wheelchair.

He’s certainly happier now than he was when he first arrived.Take a look at that grin on his face.It’s probably because he knows he’s in capable and loving hands!

Source: heavenofanimals.com