Brave 10-Year-Old Yorkshire Sacrifices His Own Life To Save His Human

Spike is one of the most devoted dogs you’ll ever meet, having saved his beloved human from certain death.According to, the 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier died after fighting a deadly cobra to protect his owner.

The tiger’s life was saved thanks to the kind man.Days later, he went outside and discovered a deer carcass; it was the tiger’s way of saying thank you for saving its life!

Louise Grobler, who lives in South Africa, did not notice the cobra in her garden because she was on the phone!When the snake got so close to her, the brave dog jumped in and bit it to death!

Unfortunately, one of the snake’s lethal fangs pierced the dog’s body, killing him!According to the owner, she would have died if the dog had not intervened to save her!

To make matters worse, Prinses, the other family dog, was attacked by another snake shortly after Spike died, and she died as a result!

Prinses, who had been abandoned by her ex-owners, was supposed to stay with Louise for only two weeks, but they refused because they loved her so much!

She went on to say that they buried the dogs in their garden and that they cried so much on them!We hope that similar incidents with dogs never occur again.Spike and Prinses, rest in peace, you are true heroes!