Boxer melts 11M hearts hearing newborn’s first cries

Aww, that is one very sweet dog. 💗⬇️💗

Malina is Bella’s favorite child.Mom and dad were worried about how their dog would react when they brought the newest member of the family home, but their worries were allayed when they saw how protective this Boxer was.Malina is seen sleeping in her crib in a video, but she eventually wakes up and cries, as all babies do.

Dad lifts the draping sheet, revealing a sleeping dog beneath the crib.Bella the boxer raises her head, alert and worried about the tiny human above her, and stands up facing the crib.She begins whimpering in frustration, knowing she is powerless to stop the crying baby.

The dog approaches Dad, who has been filming the entire scene.It’s almost as if the dog is telling him to put down the camera and tend to his crying daughter.That’s a big woof!

This breed is described by Dog Time as follows:”Originally, boxer dogs were bred to be medium-sized guard dogs.”Despite being a member of the AKC’s Working Group, Boxers are mostly found as loving family companions today.Having said that, they still have a lot of energy and require a lot of exercise.”

They continue by saying,”This breed is the George Clooney of the dog world—a looker with a sense of humor and an underlying sweetness.”They adore their families and will value consistent training that is not based on harsh reprimands.”So it all comes down to upbringing.It’s safe to say that Bella is a sweetheart!

To further emphasize how wonderful these dogs are, the AKC has this to say about boxers.”Boxers are cheerful and playful.Their patience and protective nature have earned them the reputation of being an excellent dog for children.
They take their roles as watchdog and family guardian seriously and will face threats head on.Boxers thrive when they are exposed to a large number of people and other animals as puppies.”Both statements about this dog are confirmed by the way Bella reacts to Malina’s crying.

But how and why does Bella react this way? It’s the pack mentality.

Dogs are, indeed, intelligent.Being a member of a pack, on the other hand, is hardwired into their fluffy systems.Dogs recognize their families as the “pack.”And each member of the pack has a specific role to play.This includes safeguarding the youth.

Bella knows Malina is the newest and smallest member, so she’s taken it upon herself to keep an eye on her.Of course, as parents, we must take precautions and ensure that the dog is comfortable with the baby’s presence.It’s uncommon, but it has happened.Some dogs can become aggressive.

No one knows though why most dogs are always excited to see babies and kids. Even if it’s not their own.