Bobo The Gorilla Has Made Best Friends With A Tiny Bush Baby

Ape Action Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered primates such as monkeys, chimps, and gorillas.It is one of Africa’s largest primate conservation projects.The majority of the animals there are orphans from illegal pet and bushmeat trades.The caretakers there perform routine checkups on the 300 residents, and the results are usually routine.

But every now and then, these animals manage to surprise these caregivers.A caregiver noticed a Western Lowland gorilla named Bobo in the presence of a new friend one fine day.The gorilla was holding a wild and young bush baby in his arms.The bushbaby showed no fear towards the gorilla and moved around its body.

The young animal even spent some time hopping in the open before returning to the gorilla.This incident surprised the caretaker because Bebo is known for being gentle, despite being the dominant male in his group.He was a gorilla who had fought his way to the top of the food chain.But, as was noticed, he also had a gentle side to him.

Because bush babies are nocturnal, they are rarely seen during the day.Furthermore, no one at the Mefou Sanctuary had ever seen a wild primate interact with a rescued primate.Even though his fellow gorillas were curious about his new friend, Bobo refused to share.He desired sole possession of the bush baby.

After spending two hours with his new friend, the gorilla returned him to the trees.The bushbaby then vanished into the wilderness.Isn’t it incredible to see how loving and caring gorillas are?Although some of us fear them and believe they are frightening, these animals also have a gentle side to them.