Blind And Deaf Dog ‘Goes Crazy’ When She Senses Her Dad Is Coming Home

Opal is a stunning 8-month-old puppy with an unusual outlook on life.Despite being born deaf and blind, she is affectionate and expressive around those she cares about.Christina Bray and her husband, Forrest Hutchings, decided to adopt the puppy from The Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser, Idaho, a rescue organization that helps canines with special needs, after seeing pictures of her on social media.

The staff at this organization were concerned about Opal’s health, but thankfully, no one refused to let Opal stay in their home.

Opal’s parents recently shared a video on Instagram showing how Opal greets her father every day and expresses excitement to feel his closeness once more.This has become the most enjoyable time of the day for the entire family.

Christine writes:

She stands in the front yard, waiting for her car to smell or feel.She doesn’t seem to mind when her neighbors’ cars drive up, so I’m not sure how she knows the difference.Then she smells it, which causes her to panic.She is absolutely adorable!

Forrest remarked:

She can be made to stand up or lie down with only a few touches on the back and shoulders.