Blaze Is A Pure Black Labrador Retriever, But He’s A Little Different From The Others

Blaze is a Labrador Retriever purebred.He is ten years old, lives in Finland, and enjoys being outside.This adorable dog looks almost identical to any other Lab.Almost.

Blaze was born with a black coat that had remained that way for the majority of his life.However, this black labrador began to develop white patches all over his body about a year ago.

The cute doggo, it turns out, has vitiligo.Santeri, his owner, said it doesn’t stop Blaze from enjoying his daily life.Because vitiligo only affects the fur and skin pigmentation, the unusual animal is still healthy, energetic, and eager to go places.

Santeri recently posted a photo of Blaze sitting next to the dinner table in the popular Facebook group Dogspotting Society, and it quickly went viral.The image has received over 32K reactions, and people can’t get enough of Blaze’s captivating appearance.