Bella the Boxer Breaks Out Cooper

There are tons of shows and movies out there about prison breaks. From Shawshank Redemption to The Fugitive to the show literally titled Prison Break, this genre has plenty of stories to offer.

However, we did notice one glaring thing about this genre.There really should be more animal prison break stories. Animals always seem to make better escape artists than we do.Just think about it.

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on incredibly built homes with the latest security systems and all the works. What does it take to break into the home?Animals are the best escape artists that nature has to offer. Of all nature’s escape artists, we would probably have to say that the octopus is the best, right? They can squeeze into any hole, open lids, turn doorknobs, and write in three languages (one of those is a lie). We are totally willing to admit that octopuses are the best around, but what about the cutest?

In this heist are three characters, two boxers and a bichon frise. Bella the boxer is about to pull her greatest trick ever so Cooper (the bichon) can come and play.You need to learn its weaknesses, strengths, and the rotation of the guards. A good case of the joint, and you can move on to the next steps. The next steps involve practicing over and over until you get the details down pat. Anyone knows that the devil is in the details. Making sure that you know every inch and aspect of that prison is key to a successful break.

We can see that in the video, Bella is clearly prepared. Now, they need a set-up.Bringing the prisoner into the meeting area usually exposes them more and widens the possibilities for the breakout. For Bella, a few licks with Cooper was enough to throw security off her trail. It’s just two friends saying hi, right?