Beagle smells ‘missing’ owner in air and starts running

He couldn’t contain his joy when he realized Mom had returned.Beagles are intelligent dogs known for their keen sense of smell.This is why they frequently work in airports or other places where they can put their olfactory abilities to use.

According to, they are:

“Their noses guide them through life, and they’re never happier than when they’re on the trail of an intriguing scent.The Beagle was developed as a scenthound to track small game, primarily rabbits and hare.”They are also devoted companions.That is, they frequently use their noses for purposes other than sniffing out contraband and rabbits.

When a long-gone owner departs, they frequently follow their noses with gusto when they catch a whiff of their return.In fact, they don’t always have to be that far gone to follow their nose in search of the person they’ve been missing.Bandit had no idea his mother had returned home after a two-month absence.

That is, until his nose told him otherwise!To conceal Mom’s return, they hid her in the basement while Bandit was taken outside.They wondered if he could smell her and tell if she was at home.It only took a fraction of a second!He quickly recognizes her scent and storms in, trailed by his nose.

However, following your nose is not an exact science…Bandit is following the scent’s trail through the house.He rushes up to the door she entered through, but that’s not where the trail ends.He frantically sniffs around, gets some hints from his father, and rushes toward the basement entrance.

He and the other beagle close in on the target as they rush down the steps.They make quick work of getting to Mom, storming down the stairs and whipping around the corners.To find their Mom waiting for them, oblivious to the oncoming storm of puppy love.They wag their tails furiously, attempting to leap up to her as they become overjoyed.

When dogs become excited, they have no idea what to do with themselves.Bandit practically climbs over his friend to get closer to his mother.This poor woman has just returned home to an outpouring of puppy affection.How adorable is this tidal wave of love and affection from these adoring pups?Bandit tries to lick her while attacking her with his tongue.He’s ecstatic about her return.If she returns home to a welcome party like that, she knows what it means to be loved.Dogs appear to have no concept of object permanence.If they don’t see you for a while, they’ll most likely assume you’re dead.Looking at how Bandit is reacting to her return, it seems like he never expected to see her again. But he is just so happy to have her back.