Baby Foxes Show Up At Grandma’s House And Decide To Make Her Porch Their Personal Playground

Vechrotex, a Reddit user, made the internet a better place by posting photos of two baby foxes playing and having a good time under his grandmother’s porch.Summer is the best time for baby animals to explore, and Vechrotex’s grandmother lives near the woods, so she is used to seeing wild animals on her property.A curious baby red fox wandered near her house and ran under the porch one day.

The woman snapped a photo and sent it to her nephew, who shared it on Reddit.The lone baby fox returned a few days later with a sibling to play around the house and under the porch.One of them even reached out and licked the glass door.Baby foxes are curious little creatures, but they are usually very shy.This is unquestionably an exception.

Vechrotex, once again, received photos of the baby foxes from his grandmother and shared them on Reddit.Some users commented that it looked like a scene from a fairy tale.

According to the comments Vechrotex left under his posts, mama fox visits his grandmother’s house frequently, with or without the baby foxes.Even as her babies play, their mother keeps a close eye on them, allowing them to have some fun under the porch until it’s time to go home.