Away from God, the Savior placed his hand on his head and said, Not Yet

According to ilovemydogsomuch, a dog lay helpless on the road after being tragically hit by a car.

His body was mangled, and he cried out in pain.
He was on the verge of death when a kind soul from a local rescue group came to help him.

He cried out for help, and the kind man extended his hand.
The dog calmed down as soon as he felt his touch.
He knew he was safe now.

He required extensive medical treatment when he returned to the rescuer’s home.
He had a brain injury, which caused his body to seize.
His tremors appeared to be exhausting, but with pain medication on board, he is not in pain.
Nobody was going to let him suffer!

Despite his contorted body, he gains strength and is able to move around on his own.
He demonstrates to his rescuers (and you!) that he has a voracious appetite.
A dog who is in a lot of pain will not eat.
This is an excellent omen!

He will then begin physical therapy.
He needs to gain strength, which he will do with the right exercises.
He’s standing so much better in just a few weeks!
Look at him as he eats from his bowl.
He’s overjoyed!
And, yes, he enjoys eating!

His rescuers decided he needed a wheelchair.
He’s eager to get moving, and his new wheels will help him get there!
He’s in the wheelchair and can move around right away.
It’s incredible!
And, once again, he’s motivated by that delicious food!

His new human friends are ecstatic about everything he’s accomplished.
He still has a long way to go medically, but he’s strong and has a great team behind him.
He’ll be well enough soon to be available for adoption.
Isn’t that incredible? is the source.