At the age of 13, a dog who lost her snout while rescuing two girls dies in her sleep

We all know that dogs are capable of amazing things, but every now and then they get the chance to demonstrate it in a spectacular way.
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That was the case with Kabang, who saved two girls from a motorcycle accident.
It happened in the Philippines in 2012, and we are sad to report that Kabang has died.

Dr. Anton Lim, the dog’s veterinarian, made the announcement, saying that Kabang died peacefully in her sleep.
Her owner died in 2015, and she has been cared for by the veterinarian ever since.

Kabang was born in 2008 and rose to fame after saving two children from being hit by a bike in 2012.
Unfortunately, the little dog lost her snout as a result of the incident.Many people were moved by what this little dog did, so she was named an ambassador of dogwill and an official symbol of pet ownership.
She was also an outspoken opponent of animal cruelty.Kabang was flown to the United States for snout reconstruction after people from all over the world heard about what she did.

According to CBS13, she received her treatment from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

During the five-hour procedure, they not only repaired her snout but also addressed other issues.
Kabang lived to the age of 13, which is an unusually long life for a dog.
She will be sorely missed.

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