At Тhe Shelter, A Сat Welcomes Visitors And Нopes Тhat Someone Would Drive Нim Нome

Mayhem, a sweet 2-year-old tabby cat at Fairport, New York’s Lollypop Farm animal welfare group, is looking for a new home.The sweet cat greets visitors at the shelter in the hopes that they will take him home with them.He is a restless little boy who is always looking for new activities; his energetic and joyful personality usually attracts attention.

Lollypop Farm has shared the following information:

Mayhem first arrived at Lollypop Farm in early June, after its owner left.She was adopted, but when her new family proved unsuitable, she was returned to the shelter.

Mayhem wants to find a home, but for the time being, the shelter staff tries to keep him entertained with a variety of toys and games.

The shelter continues:

“He’s got his own colony of huge kittens, complete with cat toys, cardboard boxes, and climbing structures.”

Lollypop Farm added the following:

“As the staff enters his toy-filled kingdom through the glass door, Mayhem taps on the door, as if to say, ‘Come in and play with me!'”And don’t worry, we’ve got your back.He is a smart and intelligent cat, and no one knows how to say no to him when he wants to play or be noticed; he enjoys being in people’s company.

Lollypop Farm claims that:

“He has a lot of energy and needs a lot of stimulation to keep himself occupied.”It’s not for everyone, but we know someone who is looking for a mischievous cat like him.

Lollypop Farm added the following:

The cat appears to be lonely, as evidenced by its repeated requests for visitors’ attention.He’s quite lively, and the shelter workers believe he could adapt to living with dogs.They are hoping to find the perfect home for this beautiful cat.

For the time being, mayhem continues to greet passersby through the glass.

Staff at the shelter say:

“This lovely cat will undoubtedly find the perfect home where he may enjoy his favorite cat toys.”