As they all walked, sickly skin turned to gravel and eyes filled with sorrow

An innocent, sweet creature lay helpless and in dire need of medical attention.
Fortunately, someone noticed her and called for help.Her mange was so advanced that she resembled a statue rather than a dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch.


She didn’t flee when an Animal Aid volunteer approached.Instead, she appeared upbeat.Maybe she realized why the man was there… for her.He extended his hand to her, and she eagerly accepted the food.She had to be hungry!The rescuer then wrapped a blanket around her and carried her to his vehicle.


The sweet dog was evaluated safely back at the Animal Aid sanctuary.According to the video, “her eyes were filled with sorrow,” most likely because she had only known a life of pain.All of that was about to change.The poor girl was covered in cracked skin and barely had any fur left on her.


Her IV antibiotics and pain relievers were administered by the medical team.
Her mange required immediate attention in order to save her life.


The dog then ate a large meal.She was terrified of her surroundings, unsure of what would happen next, but she knew a good meal couldn’t be turned down.When was the last time she had a full stomach?Probably never.


Every day, the sweet dog began with a medicated bath.It would be a difficult road for her, but medicated baths work wonders in clearing mange.She remained motionless as she listened to her caregivers.She realized she was safe and that everyone was there to help her at that point.


The sweet dog’s trust grew stronger over time.She had never had human friends before and was grateful for their attention and love.”Her light began to shine,” the video says.That’s when they came up with the name Shimmer.What a perfect fit!


Shimmer completely transformed herself with diligent bathing and care.You’d never guess that this is the same dog!Look at Shimmer right now!


Shimmer is a cheerful young lady who adores her new acquaintances.She enjoys being petted and hugged.She is now strong enough to run and play.This dog was on the verge of death when Animal Aid intervened and saved it.We are eternally grateful for every life that they save.They rely entirely on donations and volunteer assistance.Let us help this incredible organization by sharing Shimmer’s incredible story.See her entire rescue below!