Anonymous Man Saves Battered Puppy and Returns to Collect His Reward

We live in a world full of good people.Unfortunately, it is combined with others who show no concern, empathy, or, in this case, heart.

Bob Hoelter was walking to a nearby store on a typical evening.He heard whimpering as he crossed a bridge to get there.Bob knew he had to look into the sobs because they appeared hopeless.
He went under the bridge to try to find the source of the tears.What he witnessed next broke his heart!A scared puppy was on his own.
Worst of all, his mouth was taped shut!The helpless puppy had been cruelly thrown from the bridge after his owners had duct-taped his mouth shut.

Bob took him to Griffith Pet Health Center, where he received first aid.
The medical staff got right to work on the inept pet.
They removed the tape that had been wrapped around his muzzle.
They then noticed how badly the tape had harmed his face.
They applied antibiotic ointment and gave pain shots.

After that, they treated him for a broken leg.
He would almost certainly require surgery for that.
They put him in a fantastic kennel with a comfortable bed.

The story of the young puppy quickly went viral.
Bob never gave the veterinarian staff his name when he dropped off the puppy.
He was only concerned with getting the little guy help, while the staff was concerned with saving his life.
The puppy had found a forever home, but everyone was wondering if Bob would ever come forward.

At some point, a family member saw the story on social media and informed Bob that his heroic actions were the talk of the town.

Bob decided to go check on the young puppy, currently known as Louie.
He wasn’t sure if Louie would remember him, but pets have extremely large hearts, and because Bob saved his life, he was permanently etched right into his memory.

When Louie saw Bob, the puppy couldn’t stop thanking him by giving him the most delicious puppy kisses and snuggles.

The little dog is still alive today because of this ordinary hero who did something extraordinary.
Yay for happy endings!
To learn more, watch the video below!