An orphaned baby squirrel approaches a motherly pitbull and begs for assistance

An aggressive pit bull’s temperament has nothing to do with the dog’s temperament and everything to do with the dog’s owner.

Unfortunately, pit bulls seem to attract owners who mistreat and abuse them, giving them a bad reputation for being aggressive and hostile around humans.

But we’re on a mission to prove that, when raised with the love and affection they deserve, pit bulls are the sweetest, gentlest dogs you’ll ever meet.

Everly shares a home with her mother, Morgan Joy Groves, and her cat sister, Belle.
She enjoys nothing more than cuddling with Morgan, and she is frequently seen following Belle around so the two can nap together.

Everly was enjoying the extra time she could spend with her mother when someone else caught her attention.
The squirrel had appeared on Everly and Morgan’s regular walk, and she seemed to be taken with the gentle pit bull right away.
It appeared that the poor little guy no longer had a mother of his own, and he had chosen Everly as his adoptive parent almost immediately.

Everly was taken aback by the little squirrel’s attention, especially when he decided to follow her and Morgan back home.

The squirrel seemed intent on staying by her side as she lay out on the porch to rest after her walk.

The squirrel appeared to be missing its mother’s warmth and climbed right on top of Everly’s back!
Morgan captured the most adorable picture we’ve ever seen of the couple falling asleep together.

The squirrel was splayed out on Everly’s back as the sun streamed in, as if he was trying to get a tan.
It’s clear that he feels completely at ease around Everly!

Belle, the cat, was skeptical of the squirrel who had become a member of the family.
She was used to chasing squirrels, but she took Everly’s lead and refused to see the baby as prey.

Everly began to take her mothering role more seriously as the days passed.
Everly and Morgan always cuddled up together for naps, and Morgan noticed Everly grooming the tiny squirrel on several occasions.

Morgan wrote on Instagram, “Everly has such a special talent of always being able to make new friends.”

Was this to imply that the squirrel was now a permanent member of the family?

Caring for a squirrel is much more difficult than it appears, and while it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Everly’s new friend, Morgan knew she had to do what was best for the baby squirrel.

Groves wrote on Instagram, “Our little squirrel friend was brought to a wildlife center where it will be nourished and cared for.”
“There are two other squirrels his age with whom he will grow up and, when ready, will be released back into the forest as a family!”

It’s wonderful that the baby squirrel will be given the care he requires, and we’re relieved that he won’t be alone any longer.

Everly, on the other hand, has her kitty sister to hang out with!

Belle and Bev aren’t the only adorable squirrel and dog couple on the internet.
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