An injured street puppy who is unable to stand only wants to be loved by his rescuers

When rescuers arrived to save a street puppy, they discovered him hidden beneath a truck.
He couldn’t move because he was so badly injured.
Despite his pain, he wagged his tail when one of the Animal Aid Unlimited, India rescuers approached.

When they returned to the shelter, they discovered that the puppy they named Oreo had a pelvic injury.

His back legs couldn’t bear weight, so he’d need a lot of rest, which would be difficult for any puppy.

Oreo refused to eat on the first day he was in their care because he was in so much discomfort and pain.
Instead, he sought love and comfort from his rescuers.

But he was feeling better after a few days and enjoying his physical therapy sessions.

He pawed and played with his rescuer while receiving massages and exercises to ensure his bad pelvis healed properly.

Oreo is back on his feet and walking after extensive care and patience!

Oreo would have died on the streets if he hadn’t been rescued, and he would never have walked again if it hadn’t been for the love and attention he received from his caring rescuers.

In the video below, you can see Oreo’s heartwarming recovery.