An emotional moment occurs when an elephant recognizes the veterinarian who cared for him 12 years ago


In a heart-warming moment, a wild elephant recognizes the man who saved his life a decade ago!

Beautiful story about a kind man and the elephant he rescued years ago.They were moved by each other’s memories.That was fantastic!Elephants are extremely compassionate and social creatures.

Dr. Pattarapol Maneeon had an unexpected but heartwarming reunion with an elephant he treated 12 years ago.Plai Thang, a now 31-year-old elephant, was extremely ill in 2009.
When a group of volunteers discovered him in the Rayong wilderness in eastern Thailand, his chances of survival were extremely slim.The po.or creature was unable to eat or drink water due to multiple illnesses such as trypanosomiasis, anaemia, or stiff legs…

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The elephant was immediately transported to the Forest Industry Organization, where Dr. Maneeon treated and cared for him until he miraculously recovered in a matter of months.
He was then returned to the wild in the same area where the rescue team first discovered him.

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Last month, the vet who cared for Plai Thang was exploring the area when he ran into an old friend.And as soon as he realizes the man waving at him is the same man who treated him 12 years ago, the elephant rushes to express his gratitude once more.Plai Thang reaches into his trunk to touch the hand that saved his life as he gets closer to Dr. Maneeon.It was a very special occasion.


They don’t forget acts of kindness.
That’s fantastic.It had to have been a fantastic meeting.This man will always have the elephant’s loyalty.He recognized him right away.True, an elephant never forgets…They are wonderful creatures.

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