An elderly dog hangs himself and sobs, unsure why he was abandoned

Throughout his life, the owner’s faithful companion was a 14-year-old dog named Nuo.
He loved his mortal unconditionally, but his master did not; he adores my dog…
When the owner’s new second half declared that he was “apathetic” to the bull, the owner did not hesitate to take this frail old child to the nearest sanctuary.

Employees at the Hamilton County Animal Welfare Society in Indiana were taken aback when they noticed the orc’s unsettling behavior in the kennel shortly after the owner’s departure.
The cow wept as it hung its head from the kennel bed, like a frustrated child.His heart had been irreparably broken, and the workers knew that elderly people like him would quickly lose or give up the will to live.

Sanctuary quickly joined the Bull nursery’s sad press on social media, attracting the attention of a large number of people.
A woman came to the reserve to encourage the bulls to fast for two hours!
When the bull was still reeling from what had happened that day, his soul arose when he fell into the arms of another caring man.The orcs gradually began to open up to their new family and smile again in their new home.
His former master haunts him, but he is relieved because his stepmother, mortal brothers and sisters openly love him, put him at ease, and are never fanatical.

Nue recognizes that he is a welcome addition to his new home, but his heart is no longer capable of healing from previous rejections and betrayals.
Six months after he retired, a poor cow died in the arms of an elderly woman who was ill.
I hope you are now in a better position.Bull.Squeeze it and let it rest in peace.